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Moscow’s Efforts to Russianize Non-Russians Will Lead to Demise of Russian Nation and Russian State

Gyylman Says


Nail Gyylman

Moscow believes that it will be able to “completely assimilate the nationalities of Russia” in this century by forcing them to use Russian rather than their national languages and to define themselves as members of a civic Russian nation, Tatar analyst Nail Gyylman says. Continue reading

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Another Way to Wreck a National Movement in Russia:

Create an Official Double

In some non-Russian republics, officials are trying to destroy the national movement by an open and direct attempt to declare it extremist and thus make illegal, but in others, they are using a more indirect approach by creating spoilers. Continue reading

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Like Zhirinovsky, Tishkov Wants a Mono-Ethnic, Mono-Linguistic Russia

Tagirov Says


Valery Tishkov

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Academician Valery Tishkov are people of very different caliber and scholarly attainment, Indus Tagirov says; but they share a common commitment to a future Russia that will be mono-ethnic and mono-linguistic rather than a country displaying ethnic and linguistic diversity. Continue reading

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Erzyan Elder Says Estonia a Model for His Nation


During a visit to Tallinn, Bolayen Syres, chief elder of the Erzyan people who along with the Moksha form the Mordvins, said that Estonia is a model for his people, yet another indication that for the Finno-Ugric nations within the borders of the Russian Federation, Estonia has overtaken Finland and Hungary as the nation these peoples look to. Continue reading

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Non-Russian Languages Being Pushed Out of Schools in Five Middle Volga Republics

New Study Says


Since the adoption of a Russian law making the study of non-Russian languages in the republics voluntary, 7×7 blogger Nail Gyylman says on the basis of a new study, the authorities have used various means to reduce the opportunities pupils have to study them. Continue reading


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Kremlin’s Strategy for Non-Russians: Make Their Languages and Then Their Speakers Unnecessary


Vasily Nikolayev, the founder and moving spirit behind the Estonia-based Mari language website MariUver, says that the greatest threat to his Finno-Ugric nation is not the direct attacks on its language by making its study voluntary but rather the ways in which Moscow works to make the Mari language “unnecessary” to its speakers. Continue reading

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The Livonian Institute is Established

Livonian_InstituteAugust 21, 2018, the documents establishing the University of Latvia Livonian Institute have been signed at the University of Latvia. The Institute has been established within the University of Latvia Innovation Centre and the ceremony marking its establishment will take place on September 21, 2018 at 3 pm in the Great Hall (Lielā aula) at the University of Latvia. Continue reading

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Now ‘a National Republic in Name Only’

Shows Where Putin is Heading, Theater Director Says

Vasili_PektejevMany people assume that the situation with non-Russian languages in the non-Russian republics was just fine before Vladimir Putin began his campaign to make the study of non-Russian languages there voluntary while insisting that the study of Russian be compulsory. Continue reading

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Putin Names Merkushkin to New Post to Counter Foreign Influence among Russia’s Finno-Ugric Nations

Putin_MerkushkinVladimir Putin has named Nikolay Merkushkin, the man he just replaced as Samara governor to be his special representative to the upcoming World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples, an assignment many will see as a consolation prize but that reflects growing concern about the Finno-Ugric peoples within the Russian Federation. Continue reading

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Mari El Most Russian-Occupied Non-Russian Republic

Statistics Show

Mari_El_russiansDespite Vladimir Putin’s much-ballyhooed power vertical, Moscow has not imposed an identical approach to running the various non-Russian republics of the Russian Federation, as new statistics about ethnic representation in government positions in three Middle Volga republics, Mari El, Tatarstan and Chuvashia, show. Continue reading


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