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The 1st Finno-Ugric Heritage Tourism Forum

Mulgimaa_kasitooThe 1st Finno-Ugric Heritage Tourism Forum will be held on 30 July, 11-16, in Mulgimaa (Estonia). The International forum aims to stimulate exchanges and cooperation between Finno-Ugric tourism entrepreneurs, developers and culture carriers in the field of heritage tourism, including in marketing and product development. Continue reading


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Mari Pagans Seek Registration as All-Russian Religious Organization

But Face Major Obstacles


The Centralized Religious Organization of Mari Traditional Religion is seeking recognition as an all-Russian religious group because so many of its adepts live beyond the borders of the republic, but it faces serious obstacles on that path from some Mari pagans, from republic officials and from Moscow. Continue reading

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Roskomnadzor blocks Estonia-based website MariUver


The reason was the posting of news about the action in memory of the Udmurt scientist Albert Razin, who committed self-immolation. Continue reading

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Mari El Groups Warn of Social Explosion if Moscow Proceeds with Amalgamation Plans


Suggestions emanating from Moscow that the Russian government plans to amalgamate portions of Mari El with Tatarstan have infuriated many of the Finno-Ugric nation’s members who see this plan whether formal or informal via agglomeration as “the death knell” of their people. Continue reading

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