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Like Zhirinovsky, Tishkov Wants a Mono-Ethnic, Mono-Linguistic Russia

Tagirov Says


Valery Tishkov

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Academician Valery Tishkov are people of very different caliber and scholarly attainment, Indus Tagirov says; but they share a common commitment to a future Russia that will be mono-ethnic and mono-linguistic rather than a country displaying ethnic and linguistic diversity. Continue reading


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Erzyan Elder Says Estonia a Model for His Nation


During a visit to Tallinn, Bolayen Syres, chief elder of the Erzyan people who along with the Moksha form the Mordvins, said that Estonia is a model for his people, yet another indication that for the Finno-Ugric nations within the borders of the Russian Federation, Estonia has overtaken Finland and Hungary as the nation these peoples look to. Continue reading

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