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We are looking for allies both at home and in exile


Free Nations League activists went on protests in the USA and Lithuania to draw international attention to involuntary servitude of captive peoples in the Russian Federation. Continue reading


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Erzya Congress Calls for Pursuing Independence from Russia


Declaring that the Erzya nation cannot survive if it remains within the Russian Federation, a congress of the Erzya people meeting in the Estonian city of Otepaa calls for the pursuit of independence of a federative nation state, Erzyan Mastor, in the Middle Volga, one far larger than the Mordvinian Republic of which the Erzya are now a part. Continue reading

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Like Zhirinovsky, Tishkov Wants a Mono-Ethnic, Mono-Linguistic Russia

Tagirov Says


Valery Tishkov

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Academician Valery Tishkov are people of very different caliber and scholarly attainment, Indus Tagirov says; but they share a common commitment to a future Russia that will be mono-ethnic and mono-linguistic rather than a country displaying ethnic and linguistic diversity. Continue reading

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Non-Russian Languages Being Pushed Out of Schools in Five Middle Volga Republics

New Study Says


Since the adoption of a Russian law making the study of non-Russian languages in the republics voluntary, 7×7 blogger Nail Gyylman says on the basis of a new study, the authorities have used various means to reduce the opportunities pupils have to study them. Continue reading


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Now ‘a National Republic in Name Only’

Shows Where Putin is Heading, Theater Director Says

Vasili_PektejevMany people assume that the situation with non-Russian languages in the non-Russian republics was just fine before Vladimir Putin began his campaign to make the study of non-Russian languages there voluntary while insisting that the study of Russian be compulsory. Continue reading

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Will the Sixth Finno-Ugric Festival in Udmurtia Be the Last?

Officials Tighten the Screws

palezyanAn official action in Izhevsk this week has some dangerous implications not only for the more than 2.3 million members of Finno-Ugric peoples now living within the borders of the Russian Federation but also and more ominously for the cultural life of all non-Russians in that country. Continue reading

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Moscow’s Russification Policies Lead Non-Russians to Cooperate

Moscow’s increasingly harsh assimilatory policies, welcomed by many ethnic Russians as a defense of their dominance, not only are angering members of non-Russian groups but leading various minority groups to cooperate in new ways, a development that has the potential to become a nightmare for the central authorities. Continue reading


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