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The Mari People’s Congress is fully controlled by the authorities since 2008

8_Vsemirnyj_sjezd_FU_narodovDue to the issues with the legitimate representatives of the Finno-Ugric peoples on the VIII World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples and the issues raised by Erzan Inäzor Syreś Boläeń we publish fully addressing of Mari Vasli Nikolajev he made in Facebook group Finno-Ugric People Unite to draw attention to the issues of indigenous people in Russia, from whom the majority are Finno-Ugric peoples, writes WALDEF.

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Neither Maris nor Tatars Happy about Amalgamation via Agglomeration Plan


Moscow’s plan to amalgamate federal subjects by means of the agglomeration of cities in various regions and republics around major metropolitan centers is generating intense negative reaction in Mari El where the center appears ready to shift smaller cities from the former into an agglomeration based on Kazan in the latter. Continue reading

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“The Grove” Teaser


Teaser for the film Onaeng (Mari priest) by Andrew Ogorodnikov. Continue reading

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