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Kremlin’s Strategy for Non-Russians: Make Their Languages and Then Their Speakers Unnecessary


Vasily Nikolayev, the founder and moving spirit behind the Estonia-based Mari language website MariUver, says that the greatest threat to his Finno-Ugric nation is not the direct attacks on its language by making its study voluntary but rather the ways in which Moscow works to make the Mari language “unnecessary” to its speakers. Continue reading

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Куку кайык (The Cuckoo)

kinopoisk.ruКуку кайык (The Cuckoo), 2015
Directed by Nadezhda Stepanova
24-year-old Muscovite animator, having learned about the situation of his girlfriend, signs in the Moscow registry office, but this procedure is not enough for the bride. She wants a real wedding. A young family goes to an ethnic village, to conduct a wedding in the traditions of multiculturalism. In an alien medium, the secrets of not only the people but also the secrets of his life companion are revealed, which entails a fatal accident. Continue reading

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Tagyna_pushThe film is in Mari language with English subtitles.
Dir. Alena Ivanova – 22’30 – Mari El, Russia
A documentary about making a canoe-type boat with wide thin boards using mechanical and thermal treatment. Continue reading

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My Road to Yumo

Film by Inessa Kuliazheva.

Source: Inessa Kuliazheva

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Mari El Most Russian-Occupied Non-Russian Republic

Statistics Show

Mari_El_russiansDespite Vladimir Putin’s much-ballyhooed power vertical, Moscow has not imposed an identical approach to running the various non-Russian republics of the Russian Federation, as new statistics about ethnic representation in government positions in three Middle Volga republics, Mari El, Tatarstan and Chuvashia, show. Continue reading


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Rally held in Yoshkar-Ola in support of indigenous people

106467_IMG_0901_новый размерYesterday, on 27 August 2015, a rally was held in front of the seat of the government of Mari El in Yoshkar-Ola. The rally addressed the danger of disappearance faced by the Mari people, advocated the preservation of Mari traditions and culture, and demanded protection of the peoples of the Republic of Mari El from the tyranny of corruption. Continue reading

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