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Marina Sadova and the group “Kuat” from Mari El

At the gala concert of the VI International Finno-Ugric Festival of Youth Ethno-culture “Palezyan” (Rowan). Izhevsk, 23 September 2016.

Source: Национальная библиотека УР

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Day of National Minorities is Celebrated in Estonia

etnolaat-2016_00As part of the festival “Week of National Cultures,” the city of Tallinn celebrated the Day of Estonian National Minorities.

On the program of the festival were concerts, exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, reported Sputnik News.

On September 23, the Working Party of National Minorities Minority Folklore Council of Estonia and the National University of Tallinn held the Roundtable of Estonian Peoples. Continue reading


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United Russia loses in the Mari El electoral district to the Communist Party

vyboryIn Mari El, Irkutsk and Ulyanovsk, United Russia has conceded its seats to the Communist Party. According to preliminary data, Sergey Kazankov, an ethnic Chuvash, defeated United Russia’s Larisa Yakovlev, who is ethnically Mari.

According to the latest figures, the ruling party was defeated in three of the 206 electoral districts where its candidates ran for the elections to the State Duma of Russia. Continue reading

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Anna Mishina presenting about Mari traditions in Udmurtia at the 2016 IFUSCO conference in Helsinki


Kristoffer Hellén

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Autumn prayers take place in Moscow region

1-2On September 11 in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region, representatives of the Mari traditional religion held autumn prayers on Mount Kindyakova (Kinde-Kuryk).

Kindyakova mountain, at the foot of which is the famous Kindyakova stone, is widely known to those who are suffering – people come here to pay homage to the ancient Merya shrine Continue reading

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The Mari language appears on

yandex_mariOn September 5, the Mari language was added to This website allows you to translate words and sentences from Mari into eighty five other languages and back.

The recently unveiled Mari version of the translation service appeared in a beta version, reported the Ministry of Culture, Press and Nationalities Affairs of Mari El. Continue reading

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