The Mari language appears on

yandex_mariOn September 5, the Mari language was added to This website allows you to translate words and sentences from Mari into eighty five other languages and back.

The recently unveiled Mari version of the translation service appeared in a beta version, reported the Ministry of Culture, Press and Nationalities Affairs of Mari El. The press noted that the Tatar version was modified from its beta version into the final version in one and a half years.

Work on the Mari-Russian translation service was carried out jointly between the regional organizations Mari Research Institute of Language, Literature, and History (MarNIIYaLI), led by Valerian Vasiliev, and the Republican Center for Mari culture (RTSMK), which provided linguistics support and prepared a standard for the quality of the Mari-Russian translations to be evaluated.

In addition, the project’s leadership gave MarNIIYaLI the right to use the large dictionary database in the “Mari-Russian Dictionary” and Andrey Chemyshev, together with a group of RTSMK employees, gathered an additional collection of bilingual Russian-Mari texts. Thanks to these lexical resources, they managed to significantly increase the volume and quality of the data being used in order to build statistical models and thereby improve the final quality of the computer translation.

We should recall that in the spring of this year the Udmurt language also appeared on


Translated by Kristoffer Hellén

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