United Russia loses in the Mari El electoral district to the Communist Party

vyboryIn Mari El, Irkutsk and Ulyanovsk, United Russia has conceded its seats to the Communist Party. According to preliminary data, Sergey Kazankov, an ethnic Chuvash, defeated United Russia’s Larisa Yakovlev, who is ethnically Mari.

According to the latest figures, the ruling party was defeated in three of the 206 electoral districts where its candidates ran for the elections to the State Duma of Russia. This is indicated by the data after processing the records of precinct election commissions by the Central Election Commission of Russia.

In Mari El, according to official data, the Communist Party candidate Sergei Kazankov pulled ahead. He received 46% of votes, while Larisa Yakovleva won nearly 37%. The self-nominated and presumable counterpart of Kazankov, Oleg Kazakov, scored 4%.

According to the final results, United Russia won with 47% of votes. In second place was the Communist Party, which won about 27% of the vote. The Communists demonstrated the highest election figures in Mari El. Much less popular among the residents of Mari El were the Liberal Democratic Party, which scored 10%, while the Socialist-Revolutionary Party gained only 5% of the vote. Overall, more than half of voters in the Mari El Republic (53%) voted in the Duma elections.

In the two other regions where the Communists led, the votes were distributed as follows: in the Irkutsk electoral district the Communist Mikhail Shchapov won a landslide victory. After counting 99% of reports, he had almost 39% of the vote against Kankovy Oleg’s 28%, United Russia’s candidate. Meanwhile in Ulyanovsk district, the homeland of Lenin, the Communist Aleksei Kurinniy outperformed his rival from the ruling party, Igor Tikhonov, by 33 hundredths of a percentage point – 36.72% against 36.39%.

Source: Наша версия в Марий Эл, Чувашии

Translated by Kristoffer Hellén

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