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Online Mari-English Dictionary published

Mari-English DictionaryThe University of Vienna’s Mari-English dictionary was publicly unveiled in Yoshkar-Ola earlier today. The dictionary, found at, is now freely accessible over the Internet.

With 42,561 headwords and 82,742 subentries and example sentences, including some 10,749 set phrases, this dictionary constitutes by far the largest effort to date to link a Finno-Ugric minority language of Russia with English. In fact, we know of no English-language resource on any minority language Continue reading


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Joy Of Creation

Joy Of CreationEthnographic documentary
Running time: 47 min.
Translator: Jeremy BRADLEY, Mikhail DMITRIJEV
Announcer: John Sullivan
Sound post-production: Jevgeni CHERNOV
Film Director: Aleksei ALEKSEJEV

The Finno-Ugric peoples belong to a unique family of world cultures. Here, in the Orshanka District of the Mari El Republic, the founder of Mari drama was born: the playwright Yakov Shketan. Places commemorating him and his work can be found all over the district. A square in the center of the village of Orshanka carries his name. In 1968, a statue was erected in his honor. He is fondly remembered and revered by the Mari people, his life and his works are a shining moment in the history of Mari literature. Continue reading

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