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Joy Of Creation

Joy Of CreationEthnographic documentary
Running time: 47 min.
Translator: Jeremy BRADLEY, Mikhail DMITRIJEV
Announcer: John Sullivan
Sound post-production: Jevgeni CHERNOV
Film Director: Aleksei ALEKSEJEV

The Finno-Ugric peoples belong to a unique family of world cultures. Here, in the Orshanka District of the Mari El Republic, the founder of Mari drama was born: the playwright Yakov Shketan. Places commemorating him and his work can be found all over the district. A square in the center of the village of Orshanka carries his name. In 1968, a statue was erected in his honor. He is fondly remembered and revered by the Mari people, his life and his works are a shining moment in the history of Mari literature. Continue reading


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