Autumn prayers take place in Moscow region

1-2On September 11 in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region, representatives of the Mari traditional religion held autumn prayers on Mount Kindyakova (Kinde-Kuryk).

Kindyakova mountain, at the foot of which is the famous Kindyakova stone, is widely known to those who are suffering – people come here to pay homage to the ancient Merya shrine not only from Moscow and the Moscow region, but also from other areas.

They say the healing stone helps children especially, but also gives strength to warriors and protection from enemies. It goes without saying that all the trees around the stone are densely covered in ribbons and rags! They are supposed to be moistened, washed on the stone with clear water from a nearby spring, and fastened to the nearest branch – as it rots, the sickness is carried away.

Under the mountain peacefully flows the Kimersha River – another name of native origin. And the forest itself on Mount Kindyakova is mighty – the trees have one and a half, or even two times the girth. The traditional prohibition from cutting them still remains – in places with shrines it is forbidden.

Here at the Kinde-Kuryk was held the annual autumn prayer by representatives of the Mari traditional religion. Having completed the rites, the religious specialist of Moscow region Denis Yamaev patiently explained their significance, because not only Maris came here to pray, but also Russians – instead of gilded altars they feel closer to our simple and austere natural faith.

And the forest rustled as an unseen fiery red squirrel jumped from branch to branch. The clouds dispersed in the sky as the sun came out quiet and gentle, like a sign – the prayer has been heard.

RTD film in English about Mari Traditional Religion:

Elena Minilbaeva

Translated by Kristoffer Hellén

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