The 1st Finno-Ugric Heritage Tourism Forum

Mulgimaa_kasitooThe 1st Finno-Ugric Heritage Tourism Forum will be held on 30 July, 11-16, in Mulgimaa (Estonia). The International forum aims to stimulate exchanges and cooperation between Finno-Ugric tourism entrepreneurs, developers and culture carriers in the field of heritage tourism, including in marketing and product development.

The forum, with a theme „How to create a heritage tourism destination?“ is meant primarily for heritage tourism entrepreneurs and developers among kindred Finno-Ugric peopels in Russia, Finland and of course in Mulgimaa and elsewhere in Estonia.

The forum will consist of thematic presentations by heritage tourism practitioners from the Finno-Ugric world, including Karelia, Udmurtia and Transilvania. We will also present the new Mulgimaa tourism strategy. The forum will be moderated by nature and heritage tourism entrepreneur Aivar Ruukel (Soomaa Tourism NGO) and the coordinator of Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture programme Oliver Loode (URALIC Centre NGO).

Presentations will be in English or Russian, with simultaneous translation between English and Russian. Participation is on site or via ZOOM. The forum will be webcast on the website or regional Sakala newspaper and on Facebook pages of „Abja-Paluoja – Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2021“ and „Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture“.

The Finno-Ugric Heritage Tourism Forum is part of the programme of Abja-Paluoja – Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2021 and will be held right before the flagship event of the year: Mulgi Festival (Mulgi Pidu) on 31 July, the organizers reported on Facebook.


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