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Polluted Volga an Ecological Disaster for 60 Million Russians

VolgaThe increasingly polluted Volga River is creating ahealth crisis for the 60 million Russian citizens who live in its enormous and economically important basin, but the Russian government has not been independently monitoring this situation since Vladimir Putin disbanded the State Ecology Committee in 2000.

In the current issue of “Argumenty nedeli,” journalist Denis Terentyev surveys the damage, noting that few officials appear to care although people living along Russia’s great river can see the increasingly negative impact of pollution on the river, its wildlife, and on themselves. Continue reading



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The Priest Speaks

Starting the fire. Marla ceremony, Mari-El. May 2012.The Ensai souvenir shop was, it assured passersby, the home of authentic Mari souvenirs. Inside was a jungle of multicoloured fabric, giddying geometric patterns of whites and reds, traditional costumes of the kind usually kept in dusty display cases of the national museum. Yoshkar-Ola, (“the red city,“) is the capital of Russia’s autonomous Republic of Mari El. Heavily forested and sparsely populated, it is a nondescript, provincial town, which, as I had discovered on my first visit in 2011, was increasingly defying description. Continue reading

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Google’s next mission: Save dying languages

Obscure tongues like Arogonese and Navajo are just a few generations away from disappearing. Enter Google, which aims to preserve them digitally

By some estimates, about half of the world’s languages could disappear by the end of this century. And that’s why Google’s philanthropic arm,, is launching a new initiative called the Endangered Languages Project, which aims to digitally archive the world’s lesser-known tongues Continue reading

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Finno-ugric peoples of Russia in the context of globalization

Globalization is a process of increasing interdependence of humanity and the creation of a unified world civilization spread to all ethnic communities ofthe world, including the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia.

For the peoples of Russia, this coincided with a time of fundamental transformation of social life. Finno-Ugiic peoples were not ready to severe tests, which are presented by globalization. The new historical situation intensified among them the loss of etnicity, expanded assimilation. This was reflected in demographic indicators.

According to the 1989 census, the number of Uralic (Finno-Ugric and Samoyed) peoples in the USSR amounted to 3,3 million people in 2002 in Russia – 2,7 millions, Continue reading

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“Mariy Pamash” Perform at Festival in Finland (Pictures)

From 29 June to 3 July, the folklore festival “Jutajaiset” is taking place in the Finnish city of Rouvaniemi. Among the participants at this festival is the Mari folklore ensemble “Mariy Pamash” from Yoshkar-Ola. Displayed are pictures from the festival’s website taken by Veikko Stöckel on the first two days of the festival. Continue reading

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Udmurtia on the Russia Today (VIDEO)

RT’s close-up team continues to explore the Western Urals area, as they get to know the culture and the traditions of the Udmurtian republic and its capital city, Izhevsk.

The Republic of Udmurtia is known for its centuries-old traditions, which represent a mixture of mythology, ancient religions and ethnic rituals.

Its creative spirit gives rise to local talents achieving success home and abroad. Continue reading

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Enlarged session of the Council of representatives of the VI Congress of Karelians took place in Petrozavodsk

Within the framework of celebrating the 90th anniversary of foundation of the Republic of Karelia the enlarged session of the Council of representatives of the VI Congress of Karelians, executive board of the Congress of Karelians of the Republic of Karelia, took place in the Elias Lönnrot Finno-Ugric Secondary General School of Petrozavodsk.

Council members from Petrozavodsk and municipal regions of the Republic of Karelia, representatives of national public associations of Karelians, Veppsians and Finns of the Republic of Karelia, Finland-Russia Society, the Karelian Language Society (Finland), public and local authorities of the Republic of Karelia, guests from Mari El, Mordovia, Komi, St.Petersburg took part in the session. Continue reading

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