“Onaeng” Trailer


Trailer for the film Onaeng (Mari priest) by Andrew Ogorodnikov.

There is a belief that the world was formed from the egg of a celestial duck, and the man was created from silt collected from the bottom of the endless ocean. In the east of the European part of Russia, the Mari people live, whose worldview and national culture are counted by centuries of history. They are called the only and last pagans of Europe, whose prayers are conveyed to the Great God of Light – Kugu Jumo, by the intermediary between people and gods – ONAENG.

Producer and Director – Andrew Ogorodnikov
Director of Photography – Dmitry Novikov
Music – Grigory Arkhipov
Colorist – Mark Izotikov
Key Art Design – Alsu Zainullina
Intermissions Art Director – Sergey Tanygin
Intermissions Director of Photography – Yuriy Shmakov

Screenshots from the trailer:

Source: fobilloria in Vimeo


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