Finno-Ugric anthem

Osan Yöstä “Revontulet”

Osan Yöstä (Part Of The Night) is a super-group of Finno-Ugric folk, rock and pop performers.

The band started in 2011 in Petrozavodsk. The line-up includes 6 singers representing different Finno-Ugric nations.

The song ‘Northern Lights’ is the result of a collaboration of 30 musicians and translators from 4 countries. It is based on the eponymous poem written in 12 Finno-Ugric languages. The poem features Aapo Ilves, an Estonian singer, songwriter, actor, dramatist, novelist and journalist. In 2004 Aapo’s song ‘Tii’ was performed by Neiokõsõ in the semi-final of the Eurovision contest.

The song was recorded in Petrozavodsk in September 2011 during Carelian Faces festival. The song includes couplets in Khanty, Komi, Finnish, Karelian, Udmurt and Izhorian languages. The chorus lists all Finno-Ugric peoples’ endonyms. The song was recorded with assistance of ‘Nuori Karjala’ society and ‘Suomi-Venaja-Seura’.

The line-up includes 6 singers representing different Finno-Ugric nations:
– Uvan Zaytsev. Singer of the Khanty shamanic rock band H-Ural located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. In 2008 H-Ural headlined the V International Finno-Ugric Congress in Khanty-Mansiysk. After 2010 European tour H-Ural is the world’s most known rock band singing in Ob-Ugrian languages.

– Ola San. Komi ethno-pop singer

– Arto Rinne. Finnish musician, songwriter and festival organizer born in Karelia. Arto Rinne performed for leading Karelian rock bands Myllärit and Santtu Karhu ja Talvisovat. Now he is ruling his family folk-oriented band Sattuma. Arto is the head of the Carelian Faces festival held in Petrozavodsk, Russia since 2003.

– Olga Terekhova. Karelian singer, lead voice of the band Konec Leta.

– Svetlana Ruchkina. Udmurt singer, member of the pop trio Malpan and of the rock band Silent Woo Goore. In 2010 Silent Woo Goore performed a number of shows in Finland as a part of Sugri Rock tour getting enthusiastic press revues. In 2011 Silent Woo Goore reached place #2 on Liet International – the biggest international song contest for contemporary songs in European minority languages.

– Antti Kirkkonen. Leader of the Ingrian ethno-rock band Konec Leta which performs songs in Izhorian language. Since 2008 Antti is organizing Karelian Spring festival in St. Petersburg.

An alternative version of the song including Hungarian and Estonian couplets was recorded especially for Hungarian Eurovision contest’s application.

The song’s lyrics were written by Uvan Zaytsev and Emilia Goronkova. The composer is Irina Gerulaitis.

The song’s lyrics were translated by Schlachta Viktória (Hungarian), Zoya Ozelova (Khanty), Arto Rinne (Finnish), Mekhmet Muslimov (Izhorian), Darali Leli (Udmurt), Aapo Ilves (Estonian), Nina Obrezkova and Andrey Yepaneshnikov (Komi) and Santtu Karhu (Karelian). The rest of the poem was translated by Nikolai Abramov (Vepsian), Raya Orlova (Moksha), Elvira Kurai (Mari) and Yekaterina Mechkina (Saami).

Sound producer of the song is Antti Kirkkonen.
Copyright’s owners of the song are Uvan Zaytsev and Antti Kirkkonen.
The band’s leader is Uvan Zaytsev.
Contact: +7 (343) 37 222 47,

Video is directed, filmed and edited by Oksana Khailova and Dmitriy Zagovalko.
Produced by Uvan Zaytsev.

Extracts from ‘Old Man Pyotr’ motion picture by used by kind permission of Ivan Golovnev.
Svetlana Ruchkina’s performance filmed by Grigoryi Stepanov.

Video cast:
Uvan Zaytsev, Ola San, Arto Rinne, Olga Terekhova, Svetlana Ruchkina, Antti Kirkkonen, Irina Gerulaitis, Anton Kolmakov (Drugaya Raduga), Marina Yagutkina (Udmurt cultural society ‘Eges’)

Here we go to light it on poem lyrics full (doc) >>

Here we go to light it on (English translation) (doc) >>

Source: H-URAL

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