Finno-Ugric Day Concludes with Large Concert

h6imukontsert_trt_2016_08On October 15, a gala concert in the conference hall of the Tartu Estonian National Museum brought the Estonia state holiday, Day of Kindred (Finno-Ugric) Peoples, to an end.

The concert was opened by the Liv ensemble from Latvia “Kāndla” (Gusli).

On behalf of the NGO “Union of Tartu Maris” Anna Mishina sang a folk song to guests from Mari El. Then the “Murseskem” ensemble came on stage.

The Komis were represented by the singer Nadezhda Molodtsova and the youth ensemble “Tomlun” (Youth).

Ruslan Salinder came from the distant Nenets region.

The ensemble “Sources” from the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory delighted the audience with a variety of musical instruments and an engaging performance of Karelian songs.

The family ensemble “Magyar Hang” (Hungarian voice) sang Hungarian songs and melodies.

Udmurts were represented by an ensemble from Tartu “Yumshan gur” and the singer Maria Korepanova together with guests from Udmurtia in the collective “Ekton Korka.”

The concert ended with a spontaneous improvisation among all the performers.

Today, on October 16, the same concert is being held in the center of the “Kultuurikatel” (Culture Cauldron) in Tallinn.

These events are part of the Estonian Finno-Ugrian Days and will continue until November.

All videos from the concert >>

Photographs from the concert:


Photos and video by the author

Translated by Kristoffer Hellén

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