Tartu to be the Main Venue for Estonia’s Kindred Peoples’ Days

erm_mariThis year, the main event for the Kindred Peoples’ Days in Estonia will be focused around the new building of the Estonian National Museum (ENM).

On Saturday, October 15th at the ENM from 10:30 to 17:00 the conference “Finno-Ugric museums – what’s next?” will be held. Employees from the Finno-Ugric museums of Russia, Latvia, Hungary, and, of course, experts from Estonia will be participating. The attendees will present the exhibition “Echoes of the Urals” in the modern ENM building, which was opened to the public a mere two weeks ago.

On the same day at 18:00, there will be a gala concert in honor of the Estonian state holiday Day of Kindred Finno-Ugric Peoples. The concert will include the Liv ensemble “Kāndla,” the Karelian group “Origins,” the Mari group “Murseskem,” the Komi group “Tomlun,” and the Udmurt group “Ekton Korka.” There will also be Besermyan songs performed by Maria Korepanova and songs by Ruslan Salindera, a Nenets woman.

cropped-finno-ugrian-days_9_2012_loit_-241x300On October 12th at 18:00 in the Genialists Club in Tartu, movies on Finno-Ugric themes will be shown. A Q & A with the creators will be held. At 20:00 a concert featuring the Erzya-Moksha ensemble from Moscow “Oyme” and the Finnish artist Pekka Pirttikangas with “Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset” will begin.

On October 14th at 14:15 at Tartu University, there will be a lecture by the Hungarian scholar Ágnes Kerezsi about Khanty shamans.

The ENM will premiere the documentary “Through the Land of the Vepsians: 50 years later” by Indrek Jääts and Maido Selgmäe.

In the evening starting at 19:30 in the Charles Theatre, the “Udmurt evening” will kick off with the ensemble “Ekton Korka” led by singer Maria Korepanova and the Tartu Udmurt ensemble “Yumshan gur.”

Guests from various Finno-Ugric countries and regions have already started to arrive in Estonia. Today in Tallinn at the club “KuKu,” a Finno-Ugric Mari evening with the Kmenschikov family ensemble “Murseskem” and Finnish artist Pekka Pirttikangas with “Kuhmalahden Nubialaiset” was held.

Based on materials by Fenno-Ugria

Photos DELFI and ENM: part of the exhibition “Echo of the Urals” in the new building of the ENM.
Logo of Estonian Kindred Peoples’ Days.

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