Karelia has sent delegates to Finno-Ugric Congress (VIDEO)

Members of the Karelian delegationHead of Karelia addressed delegates from our republic to the IVth Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples of Russia with words of encouragement

On September 22 Head of Karelia Sergey Katanandov met with delegates that will represent our republic at the IVth Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples of the Russian Federation in Saransk on September 24-26. The delegation includes 11 participants of the three indigenous peoples of Karelia: Karelians, Veppsians and Finns. They are public figures, teachers, journalists, experts of the bodies of local government. The delegation is led by the Minister of the Republic of Karelia on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations Andrey Manin.

Katanandov has pointed out that work on preservation of culture of the peoples of Karelia is both to pay tribute to the history of our homeland, and means for enhancement of investment prospects of the republic, its prestige in Russia and abroad. Therefore, Sergey Katanandov has called members of the Karelian delegation to to share their abundant experience in national and cultural work with their colleagues and adopt useful practices of other subjects of the Federation.

As the delegation members have told, they will take part in work of all group meetings of the forum: Politics and Law, Language and Education, Culture and Mass-Media, Ecology and Public Health Services, Inter-Regional and International Ethnocultural Relations.

They intend to pay special attention to publishing issues as since the law on support of Finno-Ugric languages was passed in the republic, this field of activity of national-cultural organizations has been going through the period of dynamical development. Another important subject of discussion at the Congress will be prospects of teaching national languages within the scope the education reform.

Source: Official Government Site of the Republic of Karelia, GTRK Karelia

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