Between the Black and the Red Land

Sheme_joshkarTrailer of Galina Krasnoborova’s Mari-language film “Between the Black and the Red Land” with subtitles in English.

There is only one young woman and two old women left of the whole nation. These old women are dreaming of unattainable – of motherhood. One of the old women never had any children, the second – lost her newborn baby many years ago. And the abortion through the ritualistic suicide of the young pregnant woman reveals the most morbid corners of the souls of the old women, who were deprived of motherhood.

The film is also a debut of all the members of our creative and technical teams. Our greatest discovery was the performance of the actress portraying the main character – one of the old women. The actress who had no professional training in acting is an actual Marii, who used to work as a milkmaid years ago, and at one point in time was a director of kolkhoz (soviet collective farm) in a remote Mari village in the Urals.

The film features a rare Mari dialect

More information.

Galina Krasnoborova film producer:

Video: Novum Anthropologiae, Vimeo

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