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Karelia is implementing the program of state support of Karelian, Veppsian and Finnish languages

For four years Karelia was implementing The State Support of Karelian, Veppsian and Finnish Languages in 2006 – 2010 regional target program.

Last year within the scope of the Program there had been implemented 80 programs, projects, and activities directed on increase of the level of native language speaking by Karelians, Veppsians aand Finns, formation of positive attitude to languages and traditional culture of their people among the rising generation, preservation and expansion of book printing in national languages, strengthening of the role of families Continue reading

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Finnish Intellectuals Circulating Petition against Moscow Plan to Flood Mari Lands

Mountain_MariA group of Finnish intellectuals is seeking signatures on an international petition urging Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to drop plans to raise the water level behind a Volga hydroelectric dam lest it flood the lands of a Finno-Ugric people and lead to the destruction that group’s language and culture.

Although various ethnic and ecological groups have spoken out against RusHydro’s plans to raise the water level behind the Cheboksary Hydroelectric Dam by three meters in order to increase power production, Continue reading


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Finns Call on Medvedev to End Violations of Rights and Freedoms in Russia

Дмитрий МедведевFour leading Finnish non-governmental organizations have called on visiting President Dmitry Medvedev to live up to his promises to protect human rights and civic freedoms and to end the violence against journalists and ethnic minorities in the Russian Federation that are creating a gulf between Moscow and Europe. Continue reading

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Sergei Chavain’s Elnet reviewed

One of my many projects with Mari is a translation of Sergei Chavain’s novel Elnet into English. Portions of the translation will appear here in due time. In the meantime, this description of the novel by Ville Ropponen, from a review of the recent Finnish translation, may do much to introduce the work.

The novel Elnet by Sergei Chavain (1888–1937) depicts the Russian revolution in a Mari village of yesteryear and the conflict around Mari identity. The fate of two young men are intertwined in its plot. Continue reading

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