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Mari at the University of Vienna

Documentary about activities connected with the Mari language at the University of Vienna. Mari with English or Russian subtitles.

Part One

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Chinese famine and Mari wives at Rome Festival

An epic movie about a devastating Chinese famine has finally made it to the screen at the Rome Film Festival.

‘Back to 1942’ is a no-holds-barred telling of one of modern China’s most grim times.

It is based in Henan province where the famine had forced millions to search for food. Even Fan the wealthy landowner had to join the escape to avoid starvation. Continue reading

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Mari National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Carmina Burana

Birgitta festival in Tallinn. 11-th August 20:00 Carmina Burana, Trionfo di Afrodite

Carl Orff’s oratorios with one intermission

Mari National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Conductors Eri Klas and Mihhail Gerts
Director Mai Murdmaa
Vocal soloists: Jassi Zahharov, Marion Melnik, Oliver Kuusik, Tatyana Kostina/soprano, Vladimir Cheberyak/tenor Continue reading

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Europe’s last pagans

In ancient times, people of most ethnic groups used to pray like the Mari El pagans do to this day. These people are so loyal to their gods that their belief survived both the Christian expansion and the ban on all religions during Soviet times. Their ceremonies resemble scenes from Hogwarts, but their religious leader looks nothing like Alan Rickman. Meet Europe’s last pagans on RTDoc.

Source: RTД


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Finno-Ugric anthem

Osan Yöstä “Revontulet”

Osan Yöstä (Part Of The Night) is a super-group of Finno-Ugric folk, rock and pop performers.

The band started in 2011 in Petrozavodsk. The line-up includes 6 singers representing different Finno-Ugric nations.

The song ‘Northern Lights’ is the result of a collaboration of 30 musicians and translators from 4 countries. Continue reading

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Etnomeedia presents

Source: avmeedia

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Practically no Maris left on Mari Wikipedia (VIDEO)

The administrator of the Meadow Mari wikipedia, ПешСай, blocked 10 users and stripped the user Санюн Вадик of his administrator rights.

Vyacheslav Kileev, alias ПешСай, accused the users Санюн Вадик and Maikl20021 of sockpuppetry, i.e. of creating multiple accounts to achieve selfish goals. He based this on the fact that their user accounts had posted from the same IP address, and blocked a total of 10 accounts as a result. Continue reading

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