The stairs on which I step (VIDEO)

Toshkalme_toshkaltyshem_30-10-2017_01This is the song from the resent music album of Anna Mishina and Kristi Mühling. The duo Anna and Kristi combines ancient Eastern Mari songs with experimental Estonian kannel music.

Anna Mishina – voice, Kristi Mühling – Estonian chromatic kannel, Ivan Kamenshchikov – Mari iyagomyzh (a type of fiddle).

This lyrical song of Suksunsky Mari was recorded by Oleg Geramisov in the village of Tebenyaki (Suliy in Mari) in 1971, аs performed by Anna Demidova (born in 1908).

The number of steps I scaled was seven. When I counted, they proved to be eight. I’d like to be born and grow up again, I’d like to be seventeen years old again. My dear relatives, come to visit me, I have nothing special to offer you, but I have some bread. My friend, let us climb a hill, take your mandolin, we will cry, join hands and go apart.

Video by Tatiana Alybina

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