Reading Hill Mari through Meadow Mari

Kuryk_mari_EngDear friends, colleagues, readers, and students, our second (of four) scheduled publications this year is now ready to be downloaded: “Reading Hill Mari through Meadow Mari”. This 400-page book introduces the second literary standard of Mari (used by less than 10% of Maris, but nonetheless the working language of a vibrant culture and literature) to students and scholars already acquainted with Meadow Mari, the dominant literary standard of Mari that is now quite accessible via various materials we have published on our website,

Our new book cannot aspire to be a full-fledged reference grammar or a textbook of Hill Mari optimized for the needs of beginners wishing to actively learn Hill Mari, but does offer a comprehensive contrastive overview of the phonology and morphology of the two literary standards of Mari. This enables users to employ their knowledge of Meadow Mari to access texts written in Hill Mari, by making them aware of the systematic differences between the two literary norms. The book also contains four trilingual (Hill Mari, Meadow Mari, English) reading texts that allow students to practice their newly acquired skills and a comprehensive trilingual glossary covering the vocabulary used in the book.

This publication was compiled in cooperation with Nadezhda Krasnova, a linguist and native speaker of Hill Mari at Mari State University in Yoshkar-Ola, and Tatiana Yefremova, a linguist and native speaker of Meadow Mari at ELTE in Budapest. Its creation was made possible thanks to a grant by the Kone Foundation. Our forthcoming Hill Mari lexicon, funded by the same grant, will continue making Hill Mari more accessible to the outside world.

The Mari Web Project,
Vienna, September 2017



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    Well done! I’m still working my way through Оҥай марий йылме, but I’m already looking forward to reading this. I’ve taken a quick look at it, and I’m quite happy to see that you’ve also included a substantial amount of information about the Hill Mari that goes well beyond their language in the first section. I look forward to all of the future work which your team will produce, it really is admirable just how much you’ve already done.

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