Leonid Markelov removed from his post as head of Mari El


Alexander Evstifeev

Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Alexander Evstifeev to head Mari El, who agreed, noting that it was a great honor for him.

“You, being the deputy envoy of the Volga Federal District, were also involved in this republic. Now a situation has arisen when the acting head of the republic has asked for another area of work. Leonid Igorevich [Markelov] has been in Mari El for 16 years and would like to change his place of work. In this regard, I have a question and a proposal: would you like to head the republic before the elections in September of this year, and depending on the results, take part in the election campaign?” Putin said.

Evstifeev noted that this is a “high honor, great act of trust, and great responsibility” for him.

“I understand the word ‘responsibility’ well because working in a national republic, for a national republic within the Russian Federation, is a very serious matter. Therefore, if such an order is given, I am ready to fulfill it using all of my experience, both in the Volga Federal District, and in other capacities,” Evstifeev assured.

Later, President Putin signed a decree “On the early termination of the powers of the head of the Republic of Mari El.” “Accept the resignation of the head of the Republic of Mari El Leonid Markelov at will,” the text of the decree reads.

Based on material from РИА Новости, газеты «Коммерсантъ»

Translated by Kristoffer Hellén


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