Protest “For Justice” takes place in Yoshkar-Ola

1490599542_33672390975_d784946fde_zOn March 26 in a number of Russian cities there were protests organized by the Anti-Corruption Foundation under the leadership of the well-known oppositionist Alexei Navalny.

A demonstration was held in the capital of Mari El in Nikonov Square organized by two young people who do not consider themselves to belong to any political party. The protest application counted 30 participants, but to the organizers’ surprise, about 70 residents of the city showed up, the website “7×7” reports. Officially, they could be there only in the capacity of “spectators.”

The background for this series of protests was a demand for the authorities to respond to claims made in the sensational documentary film “He is not Dimon to you.”

However, one of the requirements for the picketers in Yoshkar-Ola was the absence of any political demands. Among the suggestions made by the Anti-Corruption Foundation, those considered most appropriate considered were chosen by the organizers.

Source: VND

Translated by Kristoffer Hellén


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