Wikipedia writers to meet in Yoshkar-Ola

vikipedistyVolunteer writers from the Mari section of Wikipedia, “Wikimedia RU,” and the Team of Bashkortostan Wikimedians are planning to hold an international forum in Yoshkar-Ola in June 2017.

The “Wiki-Payrem” (Wiki-Holiday in the Mari language) will be dedicated to the development of projects for the organization “Wikimedia RU” in the languages of the peoples of Russia, in addition to the problems of creating and disseminating free knowledge in general.

The forum has already attracted the interest of Wikipedia writers from different languages: at the present moment, representatives from about twenty languages have expressed their desire to participate, not only from Russia, but also the near abroad.

It should be noted that Yoshkar-Ola is the third Finno-Ugric capital that has been chosen for such a wiki forum. The first was the Finno-Ugric wiki-seminar, held in May 2016 in Petrozavodsk, and the second was the Ural wiki-seminar, held in Izhevsk last September. It was in Izhevsk that a proposal for the “Wiki Payrem” in Yoshkar-Ola was approved.

Alyona Mikhailova

Photo: participants of the Ural wiki-seminar

Translated by Kristoffer Hellén

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