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Interview with Edina Csüllög. Part 2

18896_1570931426501609_5273022074348292365_nWell, we were talking about the Finno-Ugric worldview and saying that the best place for film festivals and seminars, at least on the topic of Finno-Ugric films, is the countryside… And especially in summer it is good. But you need quite a lot of money to come to Estonia from different republics and regions of Russia. Maybe it would be easier to organise this event in Russian territory, so if the festival is mostly focused on Finno-Ugric minoritiesUdmurts, Hantis, Moksha, Erzya they would not need to apply for visas, prepare all these documents, which sometimes takes a long time. Why don’t you organise this festival in Russia? Continue reading

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