Status of Mari-speaking Citizens of the Russian Federation

Dear Friends and compatriots! In the context of preparations for the IX All-Mari Congress which will be held in 2012, we would like to draw your attention to the draft of a joint report on the status of Mari-speaking citizens of the Russian Federation. Please leave your comments and suggestions for additions in the comments. The document will be issued in late 2011 and submitted to the president, the government and the Federal Assembly. An English version of the report will be sent to the European Union, so that it can be taken into account as regards its relationship with Russia.

Full Document in Russian >>


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  1. Stephanie Locke


    My name is Stephanie Locke, and I am a documentary linguistics student very interested in studying and documenting Mari language, specifically Hill Mari. I am contacting you because I came across this bog, and I was hoping you would know a native speaker of Hill Mari. Please email me if you think you could be of any help. I really appreciate it.


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