Practically no Maris left on Mari Wikipedia (VIDEO)

The administrator of the Meadow Mari wikipedia, ПешСай, blocked 10 users and stripped the user Санюн Вадик of his administrator rights.

Vyacheslav Kileev, alias ПешСай, accused the users Санюн Вадик and Maikl20021 of sockpuppetry, i.e. of creating multiple accounts to achieve selfish goals. He based this on the fact that their user accounts had posted from the same IP address, and blocked a total of 10 accounts as a result. He also used this as a justification to deprive Санюн Вадик of his administrator rights.

It is hard to imagine that Kileev would not know the reason the IP addresses line up, as the people in question all work in one institution – Mari El Radio. It is also hard to imagine that he did not know that the accounts corresponded to individual, real people: Санюн Вадик is Vadim Protasov, Maikl20021 is Michael Pirogov, Lifeway is Andrew Chemyshev, Valerik is Valery Ocheev, Игорь Таныгин is Igor Tanygin, Эсметр is Sergey Karpov, etc.

As a result, the Mari Wikipedia is now practically left without people well-versed in the Mari language. Kileev’s language skills leave much to be desired, as confirmed by his profile in the Wikimedia Incubator:

“Лӱмем Вячеслав. Мый марий улам. Рушла кутраш кертем. Английскийдене кутраш кертем. Мый Википедийын интерфейсым кусарамем.”

This brief autobiography contains eight grave grammatical and orthographical mistakes. A translation into English, in which Mari mistakes are replaced with English mistakes of a comparable magnitude, might be:

“My name is Vyacheslav. I am a Mari. I cen spiiking Russian. I cen spiiking Anglais. I translatinge the Wikipedia interface.”

Vyacheslav Kileev’s own thoughts on the subject (video in Russian):


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