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The Only Mari School in the Perm Krai Is Being Closed. Residents Are Outraged

The authorities of the Perm Krai deceived the Maris of three villages and decided to turn the only Mari national comprehensive school into a primary school. Residents disagree with the decision and are fighting to save the school.

On 4 June, in the House of Culture of the village of Ivankovo, a general meeting of the Mari inhabitants of the villages of Ivankovo, Vaskino and Tebenyaki of the Sukson district of the Perm Krai was held. Here, the question of reorganizing the Vaskino comprehensive school, turning it from a comprehensive school into a primary school, was discussed.

152 local residents attended this meeting; as did the head of the Suksun District, Alexander Osokin; the deputy head in questions regarding health and education, Olga Kruglov; and six members of the local administration. Continue reading


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