Komi ex-governor offered post of senator

Vladimir Torlopov, who was discharged as Governor of the Republic of Komi on Friday, is offered the post of Senator of the republic in the Russian Federation Council, says Head of the Northwest Federal District Ilya Klebanov.

– At a meeting with the United Russia party fraction in the Komi Parliament Ilya Klebanov informed that Vladimir Torlopov can continue his political career as Senator for his home republic, if he wants, Komi Parliament member Bella Zabrovskaya told RIA Novosti.

The Republic of Komi has two senators in the Federation Council. One is appointed by the Parliament, while the other is appointed by the governor.

According to Klebanov, the new Governor of Komi Vyacheslav Gayzer has already offered Torlopov the post of senator, and he now has 30 days to make up his mind about accepting or rejecting the offer.

Meanwhile, a source in the United Russia party fraction in the Komi Parliament told RIA Novosti that Ilya Klebanov has offered Torlopov the post as his deputy in St. Petersburg.

Source: BarentsObserver

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