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Moscow will Destroy Russia by Copying Soviet Nationality Policy, Middle Volga Peoples Say

The World Congress of Tatars The draft program for Russia’s future nationality policy prepared by the Moscow Institute of Ethnology calls for “the systematic destruction of the federal and democratic foundations” of the Russian Federation and contains elements from Soviet practice that could lead to “the disintegration of the country,” Middle Volga activists say.
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Deadly Ethnic Clash in Closed City Adjoining Russian Missile Test Site

Deadly Ethnic Clash in Closed City Adjoining Russian Missile Test SiteA deadly clash between ethnic Chechens and ethnic Russians in a closed city near a missile test site in Astrakhan oblast on July 19th both has sparked fears among many Russians of a new wave of Kondopoga-type violence across that country and raised questions about security in some of Moscow’s most sensitive military facilities.

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