Literary Prize of the Estonian Kindred Peoples’ Programme

Эмблема Программы родственных народов ЭстонииAnnouncement

The Council of the Estonian Kindred Peoples’ Programme and the Association of Finno-Ugric Literatures announce a literary prize contest among writers, translators and literary critics belonging to the Uralic kindred peoples’ communities that have no nationhood.

The Council of the Estonian Kindred Peoples’ Programme announces prizes in the following categories of literature:

1. Literary fiction (novel, collection of stories, story).
2. Poetry.
3. Translated work (novel, collection of novels, collection of poetry, play, collection of essays; preference is given to works translated from Uralic languages).
4. Children’s book.
5. Work in theory of literature (history of literature, literary criticism, collection of essays, essays on social and political issues).
6. Drama (play, screenplay, opera libretto).

Works liable to be nominated to a prize include original fiction prose, poetry, children’s book, literary criticism, drama, and translated fiction which have been published during the last four years (2005-2008) as a book (in exceptional cases also a journal publication not shorter than 30 pages). Prizes are awarded for works written in Uralic languages, the literary and linguistic qualities of which will be renowned by the expertise, and they will therefore be a contribution to the preservation and development of a native language.

The prize in each category of literature is 20,000 Estonian kroons; in each category, the prize will be awarded to one author.

The prizes will be notified on 1st November – the day commemorating the execution of the Udmurt writer Kuzebai Gerd.

Participation requirements:

Prize nominees (nominee proposers) should submit:

1. Two copies of a published work.
2. 1-2 letters of recommendation/ expert evaluation (in Estonian, Russian, or English).
3. Letter of application (in Estonian, Russian, or English) with the author’s name (also pen name), date of birth, work place, home and work place address and telephone numbers, fax and e-mail address (if available).
4. List of author’s earlier publications, including translated works (in Estonian, Russian, or English).

The jury will be reviewing works submitted to the contest once a year.
Application deadline: 1st September. The required works and documents should be submitted to the Council of the Kindred Peoples’ Programme:

Secretariat of the Council of the Kindred Peoples’ Programme
Department of Finno-Ugric Studies, Ülikooli 18, Tartu 50090, Estonia

Letters of recommendation, the application form, and a list of publications should be e-mailed, if possible: e-mail address or sent as fax: fax numbers +372 7 375 222 or +372 7 376 216.
All the required documents should be sent in computer- or type-writing.

For additional information phone or write to Arvo Valton: tel. +372 6013074; mob. tel. +372 5110794, e-mail:

Source: Estonian Kindred Peoples’ Programme

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