The first show of Veppsian Runes of Kalevala passed in the village of Sheltozero

kalevala_vepsa1National literature of Finns and Karelians, as well as of many other peoples of Russia, originated with the epos of Kalevala. Some years ago a famous Veppsian linguist, poet and translator Nina Zaitseva has translated selected runes of Kalevala into Veppsian language.

This new product has given a creative impulse to Liudmila Melentieva, head of the Veppsian national chorus and of accompanying it children’s exemplary chorus, to creation of music and poetical composition in Veppsian and Russian languages in honour of the 160 anniversary of the unabridged edition of the epos (1849).

The new product’s tentative title is Veppsian Runes of Kalevala. The first show was performed on April 3 in Sheltozero Palace of Culture.

Spectators and audience – students of Sheltozero comprehensive school, the clerisy and villagers – have taken the new performance and the unusual form of performing it favourably: runes of Kalevala were pronounced in Veppsian and Russian languages, were sung to Veppsian kantele and even…danced.

Success of the new production is doubtless. Its importance is obvious even now – Liudmila Melentieva’s music and poetical composition is a serious step towards creation of national Veppsian cultures in Veppsian language.

Source: Official Government Site of Karelia

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