National Theatre of Karelia presented Karelian-Finnish theatre project in Moscow

women_of_niskavuoriOn April, 3-5 in Moscow in the Central House of Artists there passed the 4th PRO – Theatre 2009 Russian Theatre Market. As a tradition it was held within the scope of the Gold Mask national theatre premium and has this time involved about 70 theatres from Russia, Sweden, Czechia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, South Korea.

National Theatre of Karelia, having presented dramatic art of the republic for the fourth time at the market, has taken part in seminars on copyright, and has presented the Modern Theatre of Finland project developed by the theatre together with the Union of Stage Directors of Finland at the support of the Union of Theatre Workers of Russia and Karelia, Ministry of Culture and Public Relations and Ministry on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations of the Republic of Karelia.

Festival of the same name to be held in Petrozavodsk on May, 24-29 will crown the project. Theatres of Helsinki, Tampere, Kotka and Lappeenrants will take part in the festival. During the festival there will pass authors’ first readings of new plays of Finnish playwrights and a presentation of the collection of plays of modern Finnish playwrights. At the festival the National Theatre of Karelia will show the Women of Niskavuori performance based on by H.Vuolijoki’s play and a performance based on the P.Haavikko’s play Kaisa and Otto which opening night is scheduled on April 11.

The Modern Theatre of Finland project has been rated high by organizers of the PRO – Theatre 2009 market.

Dmitry Svintsov

Source: Official Government Site of Karelia


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