Youth of the Baltic and Finnish peoples of Karelia to combine efforts

nuori_karjalaYoung people are always active, they try their wings at the most complex sites of public life of our republic, – these are results of the meeting of representatives of the Ministry of the RK on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations, State Committee of the RK on Youth with activists of youth national and cultural organizations of Karelians, Veppsians and Finns.

The speakers have noted, that in 2008 government institutions started to pay more attention to problems of the young, to the support of activity of the youth national and cultural organizations, their innovative socially significant projects.

Students – future experts in the field of Karelian, Veppsian and Finnish languages – have designated the problem of prospects of professional occupation at the meeting. Youth is concerned with aspects of preservation and use of the Baltic and Finnish languages by the citizens of Karelia, organization of specialized language groups in preschool educational incstitutions of municipal formations, keeping and increasing the amount of academic hours intended for studying native languages at schools. In these and many other aspects youth of the Baltic and Finnish peoples is taking up active vital position.

Thus, Trias youth organization conducts active work in the field of implementation of ethnocultural and ethnosocial rights of the Karelian people. At direct participation of members of the organization Lyydiläine specialized newspaper in Lyddik dialect of Karelian language is issued in the Republic of Karelia. With the help of the youth, residents of the village of Tunguda of Byelomorsk municipal region have restored public center of the village and have organized a local museum.

Nuori Karjala (Young Karelia) is the most skilled among the Baltic and Finnish youth organizations. On a regular basis its activists visit the most remote villages and settlements of our republic with performances of Čičiliusku (Little Lizard) amateur puppet theater played in Karelian language, teach the population to read Karelian, they have organized the open library with books in languages of the Finno-Ugric peoples.

Important and authoritative international actions are to be held in Karelia in 2009: International Finno-Ugric Student Conference (IFUSCO) and session of the Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples. Of youth organizations of Karelia these events will demand to combine efforts and organization of volunteer movement, crucial decision-making.

Source: Official Government Server of Karelia

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